About Us

LinealPay™ is the trading name of Uni Orbis Limited— a UK based company — founded in 2015. At that time, the banks held a near monopoly on currency exchange and overseas money transfer. The big institutions could charge their customers what they wanted, no questions asked. And because most procedures involved people, the process could be slow, opaque and prone to error. Something had to change and it did, in the form of digitalisation.

When you need to transfer money overseas or accept payments from customers abroad, by routing transactions through our digital platform the transaction is performed quickly, securely and at minimal cost.

LinealPay™ makes transfers in 35+ currencies and once in possession of cleared funds can be up to 90% cheaper than the high street banks. You’ll enjoy 24-hour delivery to 200+ destinations and same day delivery on many currencies including US & Canadian Dollars, Indian Rupees, Euros and Swiss Francs.

In fact, 94% of payments are delivered in hours rather than days and some payments to the EU from the UK can be made in just seconds. Importantly, when the occasional glitch occurs, or you need expert advice, we have people on hand to sort the matter out or provide guidance.

Our services come with the support of our FCA registered, E-Money licenced, payment services provider, which is owned by Visa.

LinealPay™ — the UK-based digitalised money transfer platform designed with you and your business in mind.